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Steroids D damiank
Communication with guys from Dotsteroid was really good. The guy who is in charge of their customer service is nice, friendly and experienced. He answered all my questions promptly and gave me all information I needed. Shipping to my temporary address in Germany took only 5 days. Package was sent from EU, discreetly wrapped in a white box. The box had additional bubble wrapping. I found small gift in the box, a small sample sachet containing DMAA capsules. Much appreciated!

I purchased 2 vials of Sustatrex 350, 1 vial of Decatrex 350, 1 bottle of Anabol 5mg Tablets and Tamoxifen 10mg Genesis + HCG Ovigil For my PCT
700mg of Sustatrex weekly, with Decatrex(300mg weekly) for a 10 week cycle.
I gained around 12kg of muscle mass. Results I achieved from this cycle were similar to previous cycles when I was using anabolics by GEP
My post cycle therapy went good, now I have very strong libido, oily skin, and good strength in my arms.
I ll be back for more stuff later this year for some HGH and DMAA as well.
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