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It come fast and nicely packed. Sis testonon 400 and tri durabolin300, dianabols all good and kicked in fast. 10 out of 10 for gear4gym. Com 

It blow me up and i got stong like never be4.would buy from them all the time now plus told lots of pals about them. 10 of 10 to gear4 gym. Com there was no pain on jabs all nice and smoth.. I've put on 19 lb in around 7 weeks . I'm sorry if its not the he's write up as my spelling is wack lol. But t whst I'm trying to say is the site and gear are sweet. Im on testonon at 800 ew and 600ew of tri durabolin300 plus 40 mg of dianabol ed. Thanks gear4gym. Com
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