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Customer Support & Ordering Process

G4G was one of the best suppliers I've delt with in years, no hick up, all emails answered, easy to order and pay, good selection of products ....list goes on.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Package took only 9 days to Midwest USA (excluding Weekends), very fast compared to others i ordered from in the past. The package was well stuffed no rattling of pills or anything loose inside. thsi was my first order with G4G

Products Ordered

2 test cyp, 2 rip blend, 10 cialis, 4 viagra.

Product Effects

Always been a fan of elixar, seems like UK gets the best legit Elixar. The quality is top notch and injections are smooth no pip. been in rip blend now and strength vs natural lifts is nuts, bench up from 275lb 10 reps to 295lbs, squat 335lbs for 10 reps now 350lbs for 10 reps. best part is i lost 5lbs and can see abs again but the veins are everywhere. viagra is good to go as well its karmaga but works great quarter of a pill dissolved under the tongue and 10min later, BAM!. cialis I haven't tried yet working long weekends.


To wrap everything up, I am a customer for life, everything was smooth and easy, I didn't worry once, got my tracking number didnt have to sign for shit just hit the mailbox and I was ready for war at the gym. G4G seems like a nice understanding person running successful business, I was pleased that G4G spoke fluent English made the process very easy.

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Yes, I do!
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