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Customer Support & Ordering Process

The communication with the support is fast , they respond on my emails in an hour. They offered me exactly what I needed and it was shipped really fast

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

It was packed discreet and I received it in 5 business days after payment.

Products Ordered

Dianabol , Stromba , Anavar , Deca , Bolda , Testo E , Testo P , Tren A - Vedi Pharma

Product Effects

I am at 6 week after starting using their products , Ive already gained 7kg , I have raised my strenght and working out limit.
I am getting 1 ml testo e , 2 ml deca per week (for first and second week) 10 mg a day for first week dianabol , 20 mg for second week dianbol per day. Third week I took 2 ml testo e , 2 ml deca , 30 mg a day dianabol. Forth week I took 1 ml deca , 2 ml testo e , 20 mg a day dianabol. Fifth week I took 1 ml bolda , 1 ml testo p , 10 mg stromba a day. Sixth week I took 2 ml bolda , 2 ml testo p , 20 mg stromba a day. And I am feeling perfect.


I am extremely satisfied with that gear , I gained what I wanted and I am in the middle. I will for sure get peptides from Gigantismus after my cycle. I will keep you all updated after I finish my cycle so you can know how it was going.

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Yes, I do!
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Thank you for the evaluation of our service. Please keep us updated so we can help appropriate next time regarding your current results.
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