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Steroids H hormone

Customer Support & Ordering Process

The customer support was brilliant. Usually replies within 10-15 mins and the ordering process was really simple.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Delivery was with me within 2-3 days and the packaging was secure and discreet which is all I could ask for.

Products Ordered

Malay tiger stanox x2
Phenom pharma dbol
Alpha pharma boldenone & tren base
Organon Sustanon

Product Effects

Upto just I have only run the Malay tiger stanox and the organon sus these were as potent as I always remembered the Malay tiger range being I started to look much drier within weeks and my strength also shot up after the 2nd week. As for the Sustanon this was just as I expected it to be my libido shot up from the second week and I started to fill out nicely from the 4 week mark.


I am writing a review on the Malay tiger stanox and organon Sustanon.

Sustanon: I used one 1ml Monday and Thursday for 8 weeks by the week 2 mark my libido had shot up crazy and by the week 4 mark id started to fill out nicely. At the end of the cycle id gained 11lb in a mild caloric surplus which I’m over the moon with.
Malay tiger stanox: I used these winstrol tabs from Malay tiger at 40mg a day for just over 7 weeks by the week mark my ste

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Yes, I do!
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