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(Updated: September 22, 2019)

Customer Support & Ordering Process

Ordering Process went smooth. Website looks clean and professional, with no unnecessary information. Checkout and payment took just a few moments. Really impressed with their bitcoin payment integration. Got free shipping as well, which is cool. Support was there when needed, Dominic was helpful and always polite, nothing to complain about that.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Delivery took 6 days, which was fine for me. Packing was discreetly disguised... you couldn't get a clue about the actual content.

Products Ordered


Product Effects

Been on gear for 2 weeks now. Libido is up, strength definitely increased...I love the pumps i get from that cialis. I take one 25mg tablet half an hour before training and it works really nice for me. Sidewise... I can definitely see a change in my mood, i am a bit more aggressive, but i'm used to that, i know it's just the tren doing its job. Products came with authenticity numbers, I checked them out on manufacturer's website and got authenticity confirmation.


Overall a positive experience. It's nice to deal with people that keep their words. I like the fact that you don't get that "we got the best and cheapest gear on internet" BS. They seem professionals and they are quite straightforward (at least Dominic, the guy that i spoke with). Gear is genuine and prices are fair. I will definitely get back to them for my next cycle.

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