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(Updated: April 03, 2019)
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I am 33 years old, I've been dealing with chronic back injuries and have had 4 back surgeries in the past 3 years which has prevented me from being able to work out at all during that time and I lost 40 lbs of muscle and gained 14% body fat within that time. In addition to that my pain management doctor put me on several heavy duty pain medications which sucked all of the testosterone out of my body, my last blood work I had done showed my test levels at 128 ng/dl and the doctor said that a man of my age should ideally be anywhere from 450 ng-600 ng/dl. He them started me on androgel which didn't help much and after a year of being on that my test levels only went up to 213 ng/dl which was still EXTREMELY LOW. My goal was to just get back into decent shape but that was so hard to do since my testosterone was so low. Thank God I found this great test enanthate 400 mg/ml by dragon pharma which in 8 weeks brought my test levels up to 1100 ng/dl on my last blood work I had done. I've since put on 19 lbs of the 40 lbs I lost and I also lost 10% of the 14% body fat i'd gained while being inactive and out of the gym with my injuries and being laid up post surgery everytime. Another HUGE BENEFIT that I feel 100% saved my marriage was my libido and sex drive is through the roof and I just can't get enough!! My wife has never been this pleased in her life, she actually has to take a few days off of sexual activity with me sometimes due to me needing it so much that she just can't handle it. Please excuse me if that sounds too explicit or inappropriate but it's a great reality and I have Daddyroids to thank for saving my marriage, for getting me back into decent shape and making me look leaner

I've gained strength in all exercises, I was only able to bench press 225 lbs 4 times before I started this test and I can now put up 345 lbs on flat bench 6 times and 315 lbs 4 times on incline bench. My legs got much bigger and much stronger. Before starting test I could only squat 315 lbs 2-3 times max, I can now squat 465 lbs 5 times. My arms have grown almost a full inch in just 7 weeks, EVERYTHING in My life has improved since getting on this test product and I will ONLY buy from Daddyroids from here on out and I will be making monthly purchases as I will be going through them to run my own TRT program along with HCG and clomid for PCT. Thank you Daddyroids from the bottom of my heart. 
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