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Steroids I irondaddy
(Updated: March 18, 2019)
From Mod: the source owner has provided proof that you've got your order faster than the expected delivery date. You came here and didn't write a honest review and made false accusations regarding the source and
Also you didn't want to clarify the situation. We gave you time!

Owner's reply

For the first we apologies for any inconvenience caused to you BUT i think that your review is not fair and it does not meet the two criteria, the correct and the informative review:
1) you have left your review before expected date
2) did not used the products and can not leave the real information for other potential customers.
If you will look through your order, you will find that your order was split in 2 packs and was shipped from 2 DIFFERENT warehouses:
1) Trackable (8-16 days to USA, 6-12 days to Europe) Europe Warehouse 3
Items: Nolvadex × 2 For shipping $25.00
2) Standard Trackable (8-21 days) International Warehouse 3
Items: Corion 5000 IU × 1. for shipping $15.00

You have paid on 2019-02-28, 09:05 and your packs was shipped on 2019-03-01 (pack EM1697....IN) and on 2019-03-03 pack from Europe (RS327......V)
Please note that from the time we provide you the tracking number, it mean that your package was sent to postal office. they provided us the tracking numbers. From security reason, sometime they process the packages with a little delay. we can't influence this process.
You have ordered 2 products which are shipped overseas, right. One pack is already in USA, the second one its way to you. It past 7 days only. DO you think that this period of time is too slowly? we are sorry but USA domestic sources ship the packs in 2-5 days.

TILL THE END YOU RECEIVED YOUR BOTH PACKAGES IN 8 DAYS! So Now let me know which is our guilt and why our service is so bad?

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