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Steroids I irondaddy

Customer Support & Ordering Process

Customer service was outstanding. Always answered any questions I had with no issue being a first time buyer

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Delivery was actually much earlier than I anticipated considering I ordered from European warehouse. I recieved my order in about ten days. Packaging was discreet and overall fairly good.

Products Ordered

Clenbuterol 40mg- Balkan

Product Effects

100 % absolutely legit product. I found out rather quickly that Clen is not for me at all. First couple of days I felt great with just a little extra sweating. Around day four I started feeling more "jittery". Day five and six I started getting the absolute worst cramps everywhere. All of these are common side effects with Clen. Definitely not for me but happy with the product that I paid for. Definitely real. I decided to come off of it due to the sides but happy with Irondaddy


Irondaddy was 100% on point with their service. All questions answered in a timely manner and the product sent was legit. Very happy with Irondaddy.

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Yes, I do!
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