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(Updated: January 01, 2021)

Customer Support & Ordering Process

I am a first time buyer of any anabolics online whatsoever. I had a lot of faith in this company based on the reviews but admittedly there was still a bit of trepidation going into this because it almost seemed "too good to be true", that you could buy domestic, quality shit that could arrive at your doorstep in less then a week. Prior to doing more research into buying gear online I had the impression that you had to buy from overseas and shipping would take weeks. So going into this I emailed the company, along with one other company I had my eye on, and they responded to me first, within a couple hours. This made me feel more comfortable because it showed me there was an actual person on the other end which kinda verified some of the reviews I was reading about this company being legit. They also recommend Beligas to me as something I could order domestic to the west coast which was fantastic because it took away all of the guesswork in terms of which products to choose from based on availability of domestic shipping and gauranteed quality of this particular brand. Everything was perfect.

Then unfortunately I ran into some issues with with buying bitcoin because I was using a reloadable debit card which made things a bit more complicated and I ran into a fluke occurrence which caused me to not have enough bitcoin at the time of purchase to complete the transaction which was extremely frustrating and caused the initial order to fall through the cracks. They reached out to me and asked me if everything was okay which was great because I wanted to let them know that I still really wanted to make the purchase but I was having issues with acquiring bitcoin and I was working on it. I was trying to get the test asap because I recently found out I had testosterone in the 100s and I was having issues with the doctor giving me only 50mg per week and not having enough so this was really unfortunate, but this company stuck with me and I was very appreciative. Shipping took like 4-5 days from the time of purchase to Portland THANK GOD I was very appreciative of how fast this could arrive but based on the actual shipping time it possibly could have arrived one day earlier. Either way, the feeling I got when realizing that yes, this company is legit and yes, it does arrive in such a short period of time was incredible. It felt like I stumbled onto a gold mine of value that I can take advantage of indefinitely.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

4 days, packaging was perfect, no concerns whatsoever.

Products Ordered

Beligas Test Enanthate 300

Product Effects

Getting this product in the mail I was ecstatic. I recently discovered my test level was 140 nanograms because I used to use opiates and I am on suboxone. I have been lifting with progressive overload for the past year but I have been starting to struggle to get gains and keep on size for example, if I were to jog like 15 miles a week which I enjoy doing and just eat normally, like 3300cals plus in a surplus at 205lb 6'1" Its like I was maxing out at 205lb where as at 22y/o when I had normal test levels I could easily get to 215-220 same bf% which is approximately 13-15. So when I realized I was having this problem I was like oh shit and I became desperate for testosterone, knowing that it would cure all of my low test symptoms and bodybuilding deficiencies in a heartbeat. And I would argue if you really want to determine if your test is legit, give it to someone like me who has 150ng and witness the miracle transformation take place.

Upon arrival on the 26th, 2020, I promptly took 450mg of Beligas Test E, full of glee and anticipation. Because my test was so low I shit you not I felt it within 24 hours. Libido imidiately shot up from 0 to like 66% of what I would imagine what would be the case if I was fully saturated with test after a couple weeks. I could easily tell I was more confident at work and just overall felt better and more energetic almost immediately. The effects climbed for a couple days then leveled off. I am now on day 6 and I took one more shot of 300mg last night and I feel fucking incredible. It looks, and feels while I'm lifting that I've made a months worth of gains in like 6 days. I genuinely don't understand how some people say it takes several weeks to start noticing results as my results have not just been a little bit, but dramatic over the course of just 6 days. This is probably due to only having done one cycle in the past, having muscle memory from several years ago, having good genetics, and going from super low test to super high levels which cause me to feel it THIS much, but still. Amazing.


This has been an extraordinary, life changing experience, and I am truly grateful for and being able to use them as a resource moving forward. I never realized how easy this would be to acquire the meds that I need and have such a wonderful experience. I'll be looking forward to buying more soon and running this cycle followed by trt for who knows how long.

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