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Customer Support & Ordering Process

Easy process and quick response for each question!

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Discreet packaging, I have received package at post office with other dealers which is a scary situation but this company allows it to be dropped of in your mail box.

Products Ordered

Test e, tren e, viagra, arimedex, and nolva, all of which b have been great! I could tell tren was real bc I could feel the sides kicking in. I had to lower my dose to maintain control over my mind. I’ve get angry, anxious, and jealous every time I take this but the pump and muscle gained out wieghs the issues.

Product Effects

Test was a great energy boost at 250 mg every 4 days, tren was at 200 mg every 4 days slight back pump and sides but 12 lbs gained in 3 weeks before lowering dose. I’m currently weening off but have kept gains. I’m doing a trt dose of test at moment and I walk around with an incredible pump at all times I look like a freak post gym. Viagra, arimedex, and nolva work as advertised!


Great company great products I highly recommend! Also, very quick delivery from us what’s house!!!

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Yes, I do!
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