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Steroids I irondaddy
(Updated: November 30, -1)

Customer Support & Ordering Process

Customer support is quick and to the point.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Packages are always descent and prepared well.
No issues so far.

Products Ordered

Odin npp, deca, super test 500 and test e.
Beligas test e, npp, eq,
Tren e

Product Effects

All of the odin products I have responded well to. Strength and muscle gains. Deca helped with joint pains and strength.
Belgas products have worked well. However
I didn't respond well to the beligas tren e. Nothing like when I had HB tren a, in all areas, strength,mass, fat loss.
Going with a different brand & ester.
tren a or tri tren.
I respond better to shorter ester test and norandrolones. Everyone is different to what works best.


Over all good experience. Was skeptical at first, not now. Quick shipping, a week or less! ID is spot on and a great help to reaching higher goals that I have set.
Dht derived products are next to add to my lean bulk cycles

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
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