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Customer Support & Ordering Process

Cuatomer service is great, quick and polite. The order process is easy and they are very easy to work with.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

I never have the need to check the shipping due to it not being on time. I have had delivery so quick that I didnt realize it was shipped. With the exception of a few times, I would say within 5-7 days average from the time payment was accepted, even quicker at times in my area

Products Ordered

Ones that I can rememeber off the top of my head (I have ordered way too many times from Iron-Daddys and carious products and labs)
Test 500 gold usa
Bulk cycle (dbol +drol)

Product Effects

Test 500- was legit I didnt notice any type of difference from the product I was on before so that means no signs of my test lowering.
I respond amazing and quickly to orals.
Superdrolex. I did not notice the shred portion that people say you get with superdrol but boy o boy did I def feel the strength and see the size almost instantanously. This also goes for the bulk cycle. The down side of bulk cycle I could def tell the bloat right away but that is expected. Quick size and strength gains. I will make sure to always have on hand. I feel like monstercon this and boosts my moods as well.
Pro-anavar- I definitely feel the strength and some size. The shred is slow but when taking my diet was not in tune due to some health reasons tha tprevented a diet. So to still notice my stomach flattening and the tones coming back into my abs, it def does its job.


Great company. I have been going with them since 2020 so review is well owed. Since 2020, I have never had issues and they have been very consistent. Any questions or issues I have are always delt with quickly, no matter how many times I have bothered them for general questions. Products are great. I have tried from various labs that they provide (pricing usually has a lot to do with a deciding factor then I think since this is cheaper is it worse quality and the product will prove the error in my thinking since theycall perform as they should or better (at least what I have tried).

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
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