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Ironlionlabs was second to none. I did a full write up with progress pics as well as shipping and handling practice pictures on there page on here if you want to read the entire thing. Their shipping was fast and discreet their quality was a1 top notch and the communication from the time of order all the way until receive was excellent. I could not be happier with the all around experience that I received doing business with them. I will definitely be a lifetime customer. They are adding products almost every week and they pay to have their product tested by Janoski (probably spelled wrong), which is one of the most trusted names in lab testing. If you decide to try them out one thing I can tell you for sure is that you will not regret it.

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delivery was super fast and packaging was well padded and discreet.

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HGH orange top kits

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overall my bodyfat percentage went down about eight to ten percent. I had never been so lean in my life. My overall quality of life was increased as well because it helped me recover from some of my old injuries and torn muscle tissue. Its a great product. It doesn't work as fast as steroids but you get to keep every bit of your gains and has little to no side effects Its a no brainer guys.


Overall like I said this company from the shipping to the communication all the way to the pricing and quality of product just cannot be beaten. I have tried many different sources and they all dull in comparison to this HGH.

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Yes, I do!
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