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I am a first time customer & I must tell you I am very impressed. I suffer from low testosterone & have for many years. The first thing I did was contact Bulldog about my situation, my concerns, & some information about me. I also asked him what his recommendations were for me & what products I should get according to my condition. Honestly, I didn't expect much because most companies will help you but not really get too involved. To my surprise, Bulldog was very helpful, friendly, & very knowledgeable & understood my situation. He was kind enough to take the time to help me & I really appreciated it. I placed my order & received it in record time which is only another plus for this customer friendly company. I can now see why Bulldog & team are so successful & get the great ratings that they receive. Even though I am a first time customer here...Well trust me, I've been around the block so I know how other companies do business.....Bottom line, I had a very positive experience & very soon will be placing another order! Again, I will be contacting Bulldog ahead of time for advice & I know he will do what he can to help me.

I have been using the Thaiger Pharma Testosterone Cypionate 250 I received for about 3 weeks. I do feel more energy & strength but you must understand before I got the product I had a testoterone test done from a lab my doctor ordered & it came back an 81.....That's right an 81, so I was a mess with issues. I do feel the effects of the product but as you can see it is going to take some time to get me back in the normal ranges again which is all I care about so I can be like a real man again. Because I have had low testosterone for many years I get tested usually every 6 months normally or ask for the test from the doctor if I think maybe something is not right. So I am a perfect candidate to let everyone know if the product I am using is working as directed. I will definitely continue to write reviews as I place orders & will share my lab results as I get them. So far, so good...I feel better already & it has only been a short period of time. Once again, thanks for all your help Bulldog!
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