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Great prompt service and communication as always from Musclebond. This review is for a cycle of Pharmacom Testosterone Propionate 

Been cycling Musclebond’s Pharmacom Test Prop solo at 75 mg ED or 525 mg weekly for 6 weeks now
I felt this “kick in” quick. By mid to late second week my core lifts I was handling pre-cycle poundages much easier. Strength consistently went up as the weeks progressed to the current day Now at week 6+ here are my pre/post core lifts

Squat 470 x 3 NOW 490 x 4 PR Deadlifts 525 x 3 NOW 550 x 3 Weighted Pull ups BW (212) + 70 x 4 NOW (BW (215) + 80lb x 4 PR Push Press 225 x 4 NOW 240 x 4 PR

Absolutely noticed reduced bodyfat, increased vascularity, the “feeling full” cosmetic effect.
Body weight beginning 212 8.5% BF 194lb FFM 18lb Fat Mass
NOW 215 7.8% BF 198lb FFM 16.5 Fat Mass

That’s ridiculous after 25 years of lifting to gain 4 pounds lean mass and lose 1.5 lb fat mass.

Side effects - slightly elevated heart rate about it. No huge libido increase about the same. Slight facial acne. A little more on edge but hardly noticeable. NO water retention whatsoever - I’ve never been prone to estrogen related sides. Outstanding product, from one of THE BEST suppliers
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