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I decided to give Musclerapid a try a few months back. I was looking for Primobolan from AS labs that another source was out of. Musclerapid has been here doing good business since I joined 4 years ago. The ordering process was easy as can be. They followed through to the point that I had no questions. They upgraded my shipping and was to me in 6 days from donation. I was very happy with the primobolan, their Cialis and Viagra. 

First the primobolan from AS Labs was an excellent product. I had been using it from another source and I received the same great effects from Musclerapids Primo. Primo helped me retain muscle in a deficit, Made me vascular, striated and gave me a very dominanat feeling.

I used their Vitalista generic Cialis and Viagra. These products gave me great erections within an hour of usage.

All in all, Musclerapid is an excellent trustworthy source. I highly recommend them..
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