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Communication & Support:

previous experience with support has been excellent,
always answered and everything is resolved by conversation and patience.
At the last order I did not need support, everything went smoothly, without problem

Comment on supplier's T/A and packaging (careful not to disclose sensitive info):

As always, a little discreet packaging. Carefully wrapped and protected in case of falls to not be damaged.

Products ordered:

Test prop

Test phenylprop
Pharma mix 2 (tren/test/mast)

Test-R 200

Benzac 5%

Additional commentary:
This is a 7. order and I can tell you that napsgear's goods are right, no fake. And I was ordering for my friends and they are very happy.
Without any fear and doubt you can order it. Everything works.

Test was 100mg EOD for 6 weeks, after 6 weeks pharma mix2 and the last 25 days clen and ketotifen. Aldacton last 4 days.
Form almost for competition.

Product quality, how you're using, for how long and other product commentary:

About alpha pharm products there is no need to speak too much, the name speaks for itself.
I would dare to compare it with pharmagrade products. If you order from Naps, you can not fulat with Alpha.
Everything is legit and works, without fear.

This is the first time I used Clen of Alpha. I used the first one from Geneza (also ordered from Naps) and it was great.
Alpha also works without error but in z with Ketotifen it was no longer perfect,
no need for pauses (2 weeks off 2 weeks on) and I still did not need extra high doses,
which eliminated the side effects, and the effect remained the same, maybe even better all the time at 80mcg and doing my job.

After getting Pharmacom's products on offer i was very interested,
due to the great assortment and the quality that everyone else praises.
So I wanted to be convinced. The legitimacy of the products I had no doubt,
because earlier experiences with naps have been very positive, goods are correct and right, no fake.
So I did not suspect in Pharmacom Lab. And so this time I ordered it (for the second time), the Test Phenylprop and the Pharma mix2. Pharma mix2 left me speechless,
with 1 ml every other day make a miracle, everythin you need for cutting in only 1ml which makes it easy to use.

Magnum Test-R 200 was very interested when I saw that in 1ml there is a 200mg test, with 3 esters, acetate, prop and phenylprop,
some version of sustanon but only with fast ester.
Love at first glance, fast entering the system works great and still very small inject volume, 0.6ml (~120mg) per injection.

This is the first time I used Aldacton, and I have to admit I'm very pleased.
Only one tablet per day (100mg) and so on for 4 days and I solved a lot of water from my body,
for the end of the cutting this is perfect. From now on at the end of each cut, this will be a must.

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