They offer quality products from reputable brands such as Unichem Pharmaceuticals, Bio Science and C4 Pharmaceuticals and their delivery was top-notch.

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(Updated: November 30, -1)

Customer Support & Ordering Process

Ok so, from the minute I placed the order to the 2 weeks it took for delivery, I had no regret whatsoever. These guys were really hands-on.
The owner directly got in touch and being a noob, took my hand through the whole process.
First of all, their process was pretty sleek.
I paid via paypal but in a discreet way.
I ordered directly from their site but they didn't send me to the checkout immediately.
Instead, they generated the order and sent me a mail confirming the order...
I assumed a human actually went through this before manually generating a payment link on another site.
Getting to this site, which is a normal e-commerce site, I was given a checkout that includes the exact amount of my order..and since this site is a publicly open platform, I was able to securely and easily pay with my paypal.
Pretty neat stuff.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

I didnt use my home address for an obvious reason.
I used a non-descript address that could not be traceable to me personally ahaha.
But I was assured by the owner that even in the unfortunate event that my order got seized, I would get a new package, provided I change my address.
This was super re-assuring for me!
2 weeks blew on by...and I became a happy, converted customer of this super source!

Products Ordered

Organon Pregnyl HCG
Anavar 50 mg tabs (for my buddy)

Product Effects

The products came from legit pharmas so no worry there about quality.
The dosage was according to the guidelines from the manufacturer...and sides were exactly as my buddies at the gym predicted.


I have nothing but 200% rating for this guys...i think the price might be too pricey compared to other sources I later found though...but if it actually gets delivered in secure and diligent manner...worth extra bucks, I think!

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
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