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Osgear is the best gear site I've ever dealt with by far. They carry a wide variety of gear, with my favorites being AlphaPharma and Dragon Pharma. They're known for having an amazing Pharma grade section, where they have all real deal brand name products including many HGH products and ancillaries! Their customer support is the best I've ever encountered. They'll do whatever they need to, to make sure you're satisfied, they return messages so quickly, and have great promotions. With my recent orders, they threw in free gear, and with my last order that was about $500, they gave me 30 free BM Sustaviron amps! I promise, everything I said here is 100% truth. Try them out with a small order, and you'll see what I mean about their awesome customer service.

All injections were very smooth, no real pain after injecting. First 12 week cycle I ran Test Enan 375mg, Deca 300mg, Primo 300mg per wk. I used HCG 500iu 3xwk for first week of each month, and also took .5mg of Arimidex e3d. I could feel the test kicking in after week1, and about week4 or 5 my strength was drastically increased, and I was really beginning to look and feel great, along with my weight increasing. By the end of week 12, I had put on just about 16 lbs of quality dry looking muscle, and I had become a lot more vascular, which I thought only really showed with EQ. Regarding sides, I had a little acne on my chest and back, but not much of anything else, probably because of many preventive measures was taking. Overall, I gotta say that the gear and results were FREAKIN AMAZING, no joke!
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