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Hey bro I wanted to tell someone and it may as well be you (blastthru23).  I was persistent like you suggested and got a response from a rep at dragon Pharma and they told me they are real.  They first told me I couldn't verify the pill only the supplier and I kept sending messages to them stating my problem over and over to where finally they responded by telling me they were real.  They could of done it from the beginning since I gave them the lot numbers but they only did from being persistent.  Still haven't heard completely from the source about it but I would believe the manufacturer over the source on the legitamcy of them.  So I wanted to give you and out out and say thanks cause I probably would of gave up and flushed down the toilet, all 1200 of them. To be completely honest with you I paid next to nothing for them, some sort of glitch on their ordering page. I am new to the forum and had taken quite some time off from working out due to an injury on a motorcycle that had me in the hospital for 6 months and another 2 years of depression from it.  So it's nice to talk with anyone these days pertaining to the gym and stuff.  Have a great day and God Bless, Maxima !


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