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Steroids O OsGear
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Custom service was useless. My order was cancelled twice bc they had run out of stock, and part of my order got here early may the other 2/3 of the order have not arrived 60 days later. This has been the biggest headache, from being told my order is partially incomplete bc some items are out of stock and then searching and pricing comparable items, and then doing all of that again. This has been a horrible experience and I do not expect to receive my research chemicals. ALSO I was informed during a background check that a hold was placed by the DOJ and I can only assume this is related to my items being held up in transit. From a service standpoint zero, from a delivery standpoint ZERO, from a SAFETY standpoint ZERO

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small suspiciously labeled packages

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I dont know because i only received half and cannot try them until i have ALL of them (if EVER)


Horrible, not safe, not delivered, multiple errors on the order that i had to go back and spend time to fix. This company smiles at you while treating you like dog ****. I have been ordering supplies for over a decade and this is the worst experience I have had, and have learned the DOJ created a hold on a background search because of products being held by customs. Order at your own risk. You wont get your product, you will pay a premium and you will have a rain cloud hanging over your head of big brother taking you down.

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No, I do not!
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