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Customer Support & Ordering Process

The whole ordering process was a breeze, it was my first time ordering from and i was feeling confident because of a forums positive customer reviews i had read

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

The packaging was as good as it gets well i have only ordered from two other previous sites one of them was Alpha-Beast and after Alpha retired i did order from source with great service luck then my third source was the order came in about 5 working days

Products Ordered

Boldenone Undecylenate (EQUIPOISE) 200MG/ML 10ML [Core Anabolics] × 2 and Testosterone Cypionate 200MG/ML 10ML [Core Anabolics] × 1

Product Effects

I am a 68 o man and have been blasting for around 5-6 years, i can usually feel if a product is working after the first eight days of cycling it or even less, and i was more than happy within the positive way in which the products kicked in especially the test cyp 200


am very content in every way with the products i have been ordering from ozgear and will continue to order from them

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Yes, I do!
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