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Brilliant!! These guys have always been really helpful!

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Bang-on everything! The postal strike didn't help lol, but as always, the products I order get here ASAP.

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Mainly repeated orders of Benzodiazepines (namely; DIAZEPAM 10 mg tablets and CLONAZEPAM 2 mg tablets). Typically the 'Martin Dowe' brand of Diazepam as I was highly recommended them particularly ages ago, by a close friend. After taking the tablets, absorption and effects are felt quickly, approx. 20 mins. The Clonazepam tablets are great! Same time to effect as with the Diazepam tablets, but being that the drug itself has a longer duration (approx. 24 hours), they're really good for repeated increases in anxiety.
Regarding the ZOPICLONE tablets, and having tried both strengths available (7.5mg - as prescribed in the UK, and also 10mg tablets), I'd personally opt for the 10mg. But best of all to help with sleeping problems, I'd highly recommend the ZOLPIDEM 10mg tablets. Quick absorption and effect.


I've been regularly ordering from here for a while now, and the service has always been brill, definitely the best place to go!! Never had an issue with neither the products or packaging/delivery - I'd HIGHLY recommend this site to anyone!!

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Yes, I do!
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