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I already have several orders. I'm loyal to them and  every order i order with certainty

--Communication & Support:
The experience so far with them is very positive.
They answer very quickly

One of my packeg was lost and after several week they contacted me and said they would send a new one.
At that moment, one product was not in the condition and offered me several choices:
1. wait until it comes to the stock
2. the same product but other lab
3. some other product in that value

--Comment on supplier's T/A and packaging:
The packaging is insulated from the inside with the foil not to be damaged in the event of a fall.
Externally glued and tightly packed. Very well secured package
Everything is done very well without mistakes.

2 weeks delivery time

--Products ordered:
Magnus Pharma Melanotan 2
Magnus Pharma Oxandrolone
Magnus Pharma Ripped 150 mix
Dragon Pharma Turinabol

--Product quality, how you're using, for how long and other product commentary:
Light bulking cycle Test propionate + turinabol
Its the first time i used turinabol and experiences are great, 2x20mg/day.
one of the mildest oral steroids.
Because of its very low androgenic ratio its veeeery suitable for women.
But the mass and strength gains are great since it is not so harsh on the liver and does not aromatize.
And with Magnus Pharma  testosterone propionate 100mg eod.
I have not come to good Test Prop for a long time and I have to admit that this is one of the best UG Test s I've ever encountered. I already tried a couple of products from Magnus and I have to admit they are the top 3 UG labs I encountered.

--Additional commentary:
I rarely ran to someone selling Magnus stuff and that's why I'm happy to order from RoidBazaar.
And i will continue.
And the best part is its send from EU and I live in EU.
I highly recommend RoidBazaar.
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