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This was my first order with RoidsZone. I placed a small order just so I could try this source for myself & see how he conducts business. I believe a source should provide great products that are on point, but I’m also an advocate of using sources that are respectful, good communicators & ship in a timely manner. I wasn’t disappointed.

Communication & Ordering process

Roy was quick to answer all my questions thoroughly before I placed my order & I asked several just for reassurance. I never waited longer than 12 hours & he was always respectful.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

After funds were picked up, he took a few days to send the pack. I sent him an email & he apologized & let me know that he most always ships quicker, but they were very busy & were taking care of some behind the scene issues. I was satisfied & understanding considering the circumstances. There are sometimes when things inevitably are going to happen. After order was shipped, I received my pack in 7 days & it was discreet & everything in perfect order. I did receive the wrong product, but he apologized & told me to keep it & he would reship the same day & he did. I also received the correct pack in 7-8 days.

Items ordered

I ordered some caber for a friend & some cialis for myself. I figured this would be an easy purchase that would both try his services & I could quickly determine the effectiveness of the product.

Product effectivenes and experience

The cialis seemed to be correctly dosed & I was dosing at 20 mg for a few preworkouts & also for a little recreational cardio at home afterwards. :) I used it around 12 times & it worked perfectly & my negative sides were actually less than some other brands that I have previously used. I usually get a very stuffy nose, but not with this brand. It worked very well for both uses. I could feel a nice pump during my workouts & it was still very effective 2-3 hours after workout for the recreational cardio at home. I had no problem getting ready for a 2nd go around quickly after the first one. :)

Additional commentary

I am overall very pleased with the product & the service received from Roy. I am happy to recommend him to any other members & I have already placed another order & so far I’ve received the same great service & pack was sent same day as funds were picked up. In my opinion, I have no reservations to try any of his other products with assurances that he will stand behind his products & service. There’s not much more you can expect from a source!
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