We are new to scene but we are not new to the world of AAS. We are here to provide top quality gear at competitive prices. We will be only serving Canada for the first couple of months and then expanding into the USA. You can Find us at .

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Customer Support & Ordering Process

Communication was good. Website fuctions well

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Package arrived on time for whats going on with covid. It was well wrapped and secure.

Products Ordered

Test Cypionate
Tren E

Product Effects

600 Test/week
350 Tren/ week
40mg. T-Bol/Day
Aromasin - Havent taken any yet.

24 days in the Test and Tren are kicked in, waking up after a couple of hours , can't sleep and night sweats like crazy. T-bol is almost done used it as a kick start and it worked great but i thing i like the D-Bols and Anadrol better.


Over all it s qaulity and ill be back

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Yes, I do!
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