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I decided to put a small order to test these guys.
They have been awesome from ordering to package delivery and product quality.
Communication and support is good to go!
Shipping took around 2 weeks.

Items ordered:
Genesis winstrol
Genesis clenbuterol

I can recommend this shop!

I've tried both of these Genesis orals and its good gear.
The pumps were great from stanozolol. Strength increased and hit some PRs on bench press.
Genesis clens i found them to be very good for adding definition and loosing fat.
Body temperature raised slightly but adjusting the dose helped with sides.
Felt jittery and got the usual insomnia and shakes.
Didn't run it for more than 2 weeks at a time. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.
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Order process was ok, contact with the source was kindly and replied to all my questions. Can definitly recommend this source so far no problem, fast shipping, real working gear, customer service answering all questions, will order again.

I was using the product at the end of my 12 month testo enan cycle now for approx 45 days in a dosage of 20mg per day, with my testosterone enan 500mg e5d. The result was typical hardness and dryness "ripped shape" of stanozolol, wanted to use it longe but getting dry knees so had to stop. But product is authentic also verified the code on the outside of the box at Magnus pharma website, everything perfect. Can recommend this source, will order again.
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