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I have ordered products from 3 weeks ago. Only half of the order was delivered. Of the 2 products that arrived one tested fake but according to the website of the producer that was a "system error". Weird but ok.
The worse is that I have emailed them on on time again and sent messages via their website to inform me when they will send me the rest of my order and they simply ignore me completely!!!! So I guess they just steal people's money and then ignore them? I have asked them to inform me before postong my review as I was hoping they would correct their mistake and would prove to be a reliable source but they are not it seems...

No input yet as I have only been using the part of the order that was received for a few days. Will update later on when effect is clear.
I cannot to the cycle i was intending however due to the products not being delivered by the supplier. That is very annoying as it has set my whole plan off apart from loosing money. The winstrol tested fake on the site of sis labs so not sure what to think of it or do about it. The whole thing is a mess because they dont provide a reliable service.
I only received the winstrol and anadrol but the anavar which is my favourite component was not received!
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