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Why is this supplier not top 10?  best prices online, shipping was quick to Midwest USA, easily pay, seller accepts many forms of payment. This is my 2nd order from them in 3 months, seller answered all emails quickly, Highly Recommend. Like I said all the gear you need "quality gear" will be ordering much more from T.S. fyi  ParaPharma is an amazing brand, nothing but great results, google them people post lab results 

Deca was and still taking at minimal amount 1CC a week just for joint pain, back pain, strength. Test Im still taking from past order (trt) and has been amazing, results are as follows: bench up 10% easy but the endurance is top notch. Squat up 10-12% depending on the day past squat weight was 315lbs for reps now I do 350lbs with ease....... Nolvadex and arimidex has been helping a lot, encountered fakes and under dosed in the past but this shit you know it works 1 nolvadex a day (20mg) and 1 arimidex every 3 days and no fucken sides whatsoever. Viagra still havent tried (no need) All in all the results are what I need , its a marathon not a sprint.
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