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Noticing no reviews for Steroidshop is surprising. As you truly are missing out on working with a tremendous vendor. Great Prices on the well respected Hilma Biocare line, courteous, prompt, and professional communication  - yes tracking is provided, and very fast shipping to the United States.

I’ve placed several orders and this review is a bit overdue. I ran Hilma Biocare Test E 250, solo, EOD at 550-600 mg weekly. I don’t recall exact cycle length but it was around 10 weeks.

I did frontload this and it certainly jumpstarted my results much quicker. So by week 3, my core lifts definitely started to move up.

I was cutting during this time - yes I have no problems with estrogen related sides. So, instead of accumulating water weight and potential estrogen induced adipose increase, I experience the opposite.

So fast forward 10 weeks. Starting BW 210 8.6% BF. 18 lb Fat Mass 192 lb FFM
End BW 212 7.0 % BF 15 lb Fat Mass 197 Fat Free Mass. !

In short that’s a loss of 3 lb Fat mass and a 3lb gain in Fat Free Mass! After 25 years in “the game” that’s incredible.

Don’t have all my workout notes but do recall a +25 increase in squat, +15lb in Push Press and +25 in Deadlifts - all for the same or more reps, while cutting!

Definite increase in fullness and vascularity as well. Energy consistently much greater throughout the day

SIDES- No water weight at all, “back-ne” increased, moderate increase in libido, no BP issues, mood increased and anxiety decreased so definitely no increased anger, etc.

Great cycle! Great source! Take advantage for sure
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