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I’ve placed dozens of orders with steroids shop. And have nothing but positive things to say about them. The quality of their products, the personal attention to their customers, professionalism, and courtesy. Absolut unmatched. My  unmatched. This was a cycle of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 

Having now ordered and ran several dozen cycles products from Steroidsshop, I can say without question they are unmatched in terms of product quality, personal attention given to their customers, courtesy, and professionalism.

The cycle herein was comprised of Hilma Biocare Nandrolone Phenylpropionate run solo for just a bit over eight weeks.

I dosed the NPP 150mg every other day or 525mg total per week. Near The end of the second week I started seeing positive benefits. The weights I have been using which had been stagnant or even addressing started to move up. Also the physical aesthetic changes are coming apparently the feeling of leaning out looking harder holding this water etc. Which became more pronounced as the weeks went by.

I started the cycle at: 212lb 9.0% BF
8 weeks later:
BW - 216 8.1% BF

Thus, my lean mass increased from 192lbs to 198lbs
My fat mass dropped from 20lbs to 18lbs - a net recon position of 8 pounds ( when considering lien mask gained and fat mass lost)
That is remarkable.

Though my strength did not increase to the same level as when on testosterone either enanthate or propionate, I still experienced significant increases. .

Squat (x 3 rep set) up 20lb for same 3 rep set
Push Press (x 5 rep set) up 12.5lb and performed 6 reps
Deadlift (x 3 rep set) up 20lb x same three 3?rep set protocol.

Whenever I have done nandrolone propionate before for whatever reason I always get active worse than any other steroid. However, I experienced no side effects with this version.

When ever I have done nandrolone propionate before for whatever reason I always get active worse than any other steroids. However, I experienced know side effects with this version.

Sex Drive, well it certainly didn’t increase, was unaffected. Which is significant as so many know including myself with Drive, well it’s certainly didn’t increase, was unaffected. Which is significantly has so many no including myself with Deca your libido completely jobs.

I not only did not gain water or Typical progesterone-based compounds bloat,I experience the opposite. As, The weeks progress especially past week for I looked dryer, harder, thr constant feeling “swole” or “full” feeling, more leaner.

No emotional side effects to speak of.

Just Another and now the long line of steroidsshop Hilma biocare products that have worked at staining for me.
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