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Customer Support & Ordering Process

the support was great. Two vials were missing when the order was delivered and they promptly re-send them to me.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

The vials I ordered were well packaged and protected by pluriball.

Products Ordered

two 10ml vials of equipoise (boldenone) 300mg/ml
one 10ml vial of testosterone cypionate 300mg/ml
Both from Biotec Lab warehouse

Product Effects

I started with 300mg Test/Cypionate and 300mg Eq per week, for the first two weeks.
Then 300mg test/Cypionate and 600 mg Eq per week, for the remaining 8 weeks.
After two weeks i noticed a significative increase in strength and a quality muscle mass gain.
This cycle was relatively mild, nothing comparable with a cycle of test Enanthate and Trenbolone, but it was the best for me. I am not a fan of too much mass gaining and wild moods, I'm just looking now for endurance ,performance and body recomposition and this cycle fits well. Beside some post shot pain, no side effects to mention


If one word is to define the feeling you get when you have to choose a seller out of a thousand, this is trust. Trust is put to the test when things go wrong (delays in delivery, missing products in your package, damaged products, missing payments) and I can say with absolute certainty that staff has never abandoned me and every issue, when there has been one, has always been solved. We are like family now and that makes me feel safe.

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Yes, I do!
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