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C chmax
"Use it already 3 months, 12 iu version. Very satisfied. Using 4 iu every morning."
The ordering process was easy and fast delivery. I’ve been looking for a brand that uses cottonseed oil which spectrum does. If you have issues with pip you need to give this brand a try. I can even do sub q injections with no soreness.
Hey brothers of iron,

I am new to all these forums and a colleague of mine in the gym suggested buy-as to me, i ordered and paid via bank transfer and never received my order.
I emailed them and then they banned me my account so good luck getting your...
I like there customer service and packaging. There products are real and does a great job. Some places are scams but they are not. I hear and experienced great things. If you want the best go to them because they are the best.
I'm hypogonadal and have no health insurance. I had been going to Mexico and getting TestoprimD. That crap has terrible PIP. It was such a hassle to go to Mexico, so I stopped taking it. I began to feel really tired and signs of depression. After a mere 3 weeks, I now...
All and all I completely trust these guys to get product from the UK to the states. Never any issues and always on point.
R rheard
Sent $1100.00 and have been given the run around. This site was fine a few months ago, but not anymore. I’ll edit this if anything changes, but I would stay away. Stats

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