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They only sell Genlabs products and are limited on some products.
The ordering, payment and delivery system is awesome! If you need the basics fast at a reasonable price YMS is great
Overall this is the most reliable and and professional website on the market the products are cheap i litteraly paid only 20euros for my clen (without shipping but still) and they give you points to use to pay cheaper the next time you order so i placed another clen order and i...
Overall, Pomps is a good source. Sometimes he responds, other times he doesn't and will ignore a message. Was selling Anavar at an unreal price and had me skeptical, he did not respond to my question about where he sourced it from, so I never budged on buying it.
Overall a 10/10 experience, lots of scam sites in canada, placed a small order with these guys to test the waters and they were amazing, will be ordering from here on out with these guys and will be recommending them.
N nsar
Overall great experience will be ordering again
So this is my first time leaving a review on this site. I have left many reviews over the years on another well known roid site that I won’t name.

I know this isn’t the typical review but I wanted to give them review for the amazing service and quality...
Throughout the entire process, from browsing the website to receiving my order, Purple Panda's commitment to exceptional customer support was evident. Their user-friendly website, along with their responsive and knowledgeable customer service team, made my shopping experience enjoyable and stress-free.

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