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Primobolan 100
Primobolan 100
Primobolan 100

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Product Quality
Product Quality
So this summer has been my 1st usage of Primobolan (in all of my year I have never used it one of the reason Primobolan is possibly the most faked steroid in UG labs) But with ANYTHING from SIS LABS is real and top quality. 

So I decided to add small amount of Primobolan to my summer cycle I am taking 100 mg every other day on top of everything else I am taking

So my summer cycle is 

400 mg Primobolan (weekly)

350 mg tren ace (weekly)

400 mg tren E (weekly)

350 mg Mast (weekly)

400 mg Mast E (weekly)

300 mg Test prop (weekly)

750 mg Test cyp (weekly)

20 mg halo (daily)

20 mg Turnibol (daily)

80 mg Clen (daily)

50 mg Winnie (daily)

50 mg Anavar (daily)

So I have been taking Primobolan for about 8 weeks now and I feel like the addition of the primobolan has promote a little fat loss and given me a little more of a muscle hardening effect. Also, right now I am about 5 lb heavier then I normally am at the same body fat so the primobolan has prevented muscle loss and in fact, add a small amount of muscle while I have been on my diet

I have definitely noticed Primobolan has made my muscles look harder and more defined, particularly the delts and the traps. This is probably where the comparison with Tren stems from. As Trenbolone can make your traps pop out like anything. However, the vascularity that one gets from Primo is nowhere close to what Tren can give you ( so I am on both lol)

Here is my final thoughts. Everything I have taken from SIS has been real. If you are going to spend the $$ might as well make sure it is real 

I attached a 3rd party lab result for the primobolan to show that it is real. 
Primobolan 100
Primobolan 100
Primobolan 100
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