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The delivery time was no longer then 10 days and packing was good enough they werent broken.

I have ordered 20 vials of NPP 
Some Pharma sust 350 from an earlier 

This is a review for the ap vials. First off love that they are 150mgs/ml. After about a week of use I noticed my joints less achy and feeling better always get that with good Ap About 10 days I was getting .more vascular and looked fuller then before I started. I have a shoulder and neck injury that prevents me from trying to lift real heavy so I do light weight and higher reps and the further in the cycle the easier the reps so obviously I started to bump up my weights. 5 weeks in on this Npp ran it at 300 for 2 weeks then bumped it up to 450mgs and i have put on 18lbs. I know there is water weight in there but i blew up quick. I run 600 mgs of Sust with it and also am on 50mgs of proviron ed and aromasin 12.5 eod. Looking fuller more vascular and get great pumps when I lift ecspecially my biceps which hurt so bad sometimes I have to stop in the middle of a set.
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Have ordered from them a few times now. Used mostly ONYX but used a few meditech products as well. Prices are a tad on the high side, but I would rather pay a little more knowing I'm getting legit gear and I have yet to be disappointed.

okay this is my experience with products from american gear zone
My cycles typically revolve around low test/moderate tren with an oral thrown in to kickstart and finish with as the meet approaches. I train for powerlifting so my goals are purely strength gain with minimal weight gain.

The tren is very strong. My first tren cycle was 250mg test pw, 300 tren pw, and drol to kickstart. By the end of the 12 week cycle by bench had gone from 335 to 415, and squat from 375 to 455. I added muscle and definitely lost fat, but it was the body recomp that was incredible. My entire body completely changed shape (in a good way). Bodyweight went from 190 to 193. It's only 3 lbs but its the strength gain relative to weight gain that I want so I got more than I could've asked for.
side note: diet was 2500-3000 cals per day

Test is test. Never ran test at higher than 312 mg per week, so I havent really experienced too much effect from the test since I only really use it for dick function. Definitely a noticeable increase i libido, and bloodwork always has my test capped at >1500 even when on only 250 per week.
another side note: noticed no difference between the DP and test other than less pip with DP.

The drol is some good sht. ran 50mg a day for the first 4 weeks. Only put on a little bloat because I was using heavy ai's and caber. But the aggression, pump, and drive it gives you is insane. This is attributed to the drol because the test and tren haden't kicked in yet. Only bad(ish) side I got were some headaches here and there.

The pct stuff works like its supposed to. Natty test always comes back within a couple weeks of finishing PCT.

Used their halo at the end of a cycle one time. Gave me a drier look and allowed me to keep gaining strength while restricting cals and carbs.

good experiences with americangearzone great stuff and will continue to order from them in the future.
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