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Customer Support & Ordering Process

order made at eshop. prices will be displayed after login. I used off 15 percent of the first order ,

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

delivery time was 10 days after payment. EU order. I was alerted with a long shipping time. (corona virus)
packing , discreetly and securely packed. I got information if it will be a big package it will work in 2 packages.
the postage payment did not increase

Products Ordered

1x boldenon hilma
1x testosteron propionate hilma
1x boldenbolin alpha pharma
1x sustamed deus
1x halomed deus
1x testomed P deus
all verification products work.

Product Effects

products I bought together with a friend:
I use testosterone propionate, no pip and pump, sex perfect.
soon add halomed
friend use boldebolin and sustanon hilma. no pip EFFICIENCY but I can not tell after week period.
code boldebolin work and hilma that same.


communication selling wickr is fast, it can make prices, it is interested in selling quality products. this team is amazing
i upload foto soon

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Hello Guys

Has anyone ordered any from ANABOL4Y.COM ? I ordered to ship to the USA. it was a small order to begin. I sent the $ and I got they picked up the $ and I was told it would ship yesterday. I paid for this 11 days ago , and no tracking or response from them. Any info would be helpful.

Thank you

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