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Customer Support & Ordering Process

Awesome experience ordering from them other sites u got to make a ticket and wait for response someone here 24/7 to help and answer any questions

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Fast order and they do two day shipping so if in a pinch u can get it quickly very discreet and we’ll packages done quite few orders never had issues

Products Ordered

Cabasar 2mg
4 bottles Ultra 150
3 bottles stanomax 100

Product Effects

Awesome awesome products gained around 17-20 lbs of muscle while losing 10 lbs of fat down to 6.5 % body fat at 225 lbs and The only place where I found Winstrol oil based so if worried about the pip with Winstrol suspension in water got to try this I just upped the dosage a little cause of slower absorption. Great products great people great everything


Definitely recommend them everything is top notch including there customer service and now they have hgh I just ordered need to go nowhere else any more customer for life

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