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Steroids B bodygear
(Updated: November 30, -1)

Customer Support & Ordering Process

Customer support was timely and within a week I had my order.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Packaging is discreet and well cared for.

Products Ordered

Deligas anavar pro 50 and
Odin test e 250

Product Effects

Quality of the gear is excellent. Have not experienced any negative sides yet after 4 weeks. Slight water retention with the test as expected. Strength gains with both of these stacked is ridiculous so far and only 4 weeks in.


I cannot speak on one of these individually because I have stacked them however, I am very pleased with this gear so far. Already looking forward to another cycle with this test e 250.

Do you recommend this supplier?

Yes, I do!
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