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Steroids D driada-medical
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Customer Support & Ordering Process

never needed customer support, everything always went smooth. ordering process very easy with bank transfer

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

fantastic packaging, probably the best i have ever seen with many layers of bubblewrap. delivery between 7/14 days to italy

Products Ordered

test cyp
tren ace
i have also tried many other products in several other orders

Product Effects

One of the reasons i like this lab very much is the carrier oils they use, especially cause i pin all subq with insulin needle, and even with more irritating compounds like test prop or dhb, the pain is very mild even with high volume injections. All compounds are lab tested and the company also uploads labs tests performed by clients, not only those done by them, wich is highly appreciated. The tren is a medium/strong yellow colour, wich means properly brewed and not oxydized, with all typical tren side effects (besides tren cough, probably cause i pin subq). Ibutamoren raised my appetite to an extreme level at 30mg a day, so definetly legit. Modafinil is comparable to pharmagrade one. overall great results, and blood tests with LCMS confirm potency, with test at 1450ng after only 3 weeks of 250 mg a week of cypionate.


currently my favorite lab in europe

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