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Customer Support & Ordering Process

Customer support great throughout with any questions being answered within an hour or so, ordering process was as easy as could be, just messaged JD and within no time got all details needed to order and make payment.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Delivered within 1 day, not even sure how but literally less than 24 hours from order to delivered.

Products Ordered

Viogen mast e 200mg X2
Bio med di-deca 350mg

Product Effects

Have used both products before and this cycle is going as expected so far 3 weeks in, zero sides apart from hunger which is a good thing and one which I normally get early on with nandrolone, dosing at 400mg per week deca and 350mg masteron, slight increase in strength but nothing major at this point, both products are good to go from what I can tell.


From the start until the end, I have nothing but good to say about JD and his boys,
Super quick replies to any questions,
Super fast delivery and great quality products all searchable on a very user friendly website.
And great deals to boot, this purchase was part of a 50% discount with several freebies included (which I haven't used as of yet) included.

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Yes, I do!
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