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Placed an order with them. Biggest mistake I’ve made from ordering from them. Basically I asked for a refund due to the shipping process coming from china. There customer service has been the absolute worst I’ve ever dealt with out any company they told me they were refunding my bitcoin payment and i have not heard a word from them in 4 to 5 days now I said if u are not going to attempt to return my funds to just place the order cause I did not want to lose my bitcoin money that I work very hard basically at this my money was stolen and I’ve never seen a company do any kind of shady business like this before. All the other reputable sources have never had any sort of problems like this ii guess guys are not exactly headed down the right direction. I’m just so confused on how they can just steal from a customer with no. Remorse. I really hope they have the decency to fix this problem. Please send my money back to my bitcoin address if u have any sort of good in your heart. Please beware of them cause I witnessed this first hand

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