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As usual great communication and super fast shipping by Musclebond. i had heard good reviews about the Onxy Pharma Brand. Ive always loved the Pharmacom Test E that Ive bought from Musclebond and reviewed here. Yet, I thought I would run a cycle of the Onyx Brand to test it out. 

I dosed this at 150mg every other day or roughly 525mg a week. My cycle extended 56 days or exactly 8 weeks. Ran solo with no anti-estrogens as I am not prone to estrogen related sides.

Long ester means visual and tangible results won't be experienced for several weeks. So fast forward to the beginning of week 4 when I usually notice test e's effects (Especially haven taken Musclebond's Pharmacom Test e several times).

No real strength increases or visual changes were noticed. This, unfortunately became the theme of this cycle.

I began at 215 lb bodyfat at 9%. As weeks five and 6 passed and my bw stayed constant I at least expected some strength increases in my core lifts. I did not. My squat, chin-up, deadlift, push press, and bench press even by week 7 with my normal training routine stayed static, maybe a slight increase 5 0r 10 pounds one workout. Yet, I'd regress the next one.
Now at week 8 I can say I question onyx pharma' legitimacy. No real increases in strength beyond the norm during a pct or "clean" cycle.

As stated, I started at 215 9% bodyfat. After exactly 8 weeks I was at 217 9.1% bodyfat. Those slight increases can just be typical of normal daily weight fluctuations, or a slightly not as precise BF calculation.

So no strength increase, no lean mass increase, no decrease in bodyfat - all things I've noticed from Pharmacom's Test E. even normal "feeling full" sensation when "on" was absent.

Side effects - this part convince me even more that onyx pharma is a subpar lab. I ALWAYS get back acne from ANY AAS. None on this. I don't retain water or get the moon face that test and other AAS can cause as again I'm lucky and not prone to those sides. No water increase with This Onyx test E.

At least I expected the welcomed libido enhancement. Not to be. Sex Drive stayed the same.

Overall, major dissapointment and I'll go back to musclebond' s tried and true Pharmacom Test E.
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