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I ordered 12 packs of name brand nolvadex from your site.  It was suppose to be 12 packs of 30 @ 10mg proper tablet.  Your company sent me 12 packs of dragon pharma nolvadex which is not name brand.nyou sent me 12 packs of 100 @ 20mgs per tablet. I was suppose to get 360 x 10 mgs, instead got 1200 x 20 mgs. That is a huge difference. 840 more tablets and double the strength.  Well I tried to verify them with the lot numbers being DPNOL1804 & DPNOL105 and they came back as UNKNOWN on dragon pharrmas site.  Osgear came back as verified and as a gold member. The lot numbers ink looked just like the word lot & exp.  Usually the lot and expiration dates are in a digitized ink and look different.  Can you please tell me or someone tell me if these are real or fake ? I have Aromasin still coming and am now worried that it may not be real !

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