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Customer Support & Ordering Process

Excellent. I had a few questions before ordering and they got back to me within 1 day. Paid for my order with bitcoin but I think they had email money transfer as well.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

It took 5 business days (1 week total). My order came heavily bubble wrapped as my order contained I was expecting it to.

Products Ordered

Pharma Tech Test Propinate 1 bottle
Pharma Tech Masteron Prop 1 bottle
Pharma Tech Trenbolone Acetate 1 bottle

Product Effects

Wanted to do a 6 week cutter with 100mg test prop, 100mg tren ace and 100mg mast prop every other day. I don't like blends since they cause pain for me, so I got each product separate and was taking 3ml combined dose every other day. As for the gear, there was little to no pain. Not much acne, it was clean for sure.

Libido was super high and it should be with mast prop and test prop. I held little to no water and saw consistent strenght increases. I can say for sure the masteron prop and test prop are excellent. I never got tren cough which i usuall do, but I did get night sweats from it, so I'd say most likely it's all legit.


Great source in my opinion with good products.

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Yes, I do!
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