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Customer Support & Ordering Process

Pomps was helpful, my first order ever I was given a cheaper product in place of what I actually ordered.
There was no response in helping me on that. I gave it a 2nd go, same thing happened and told him I'd never order again.
Then he corrected the mistake. Ever since then, only one mess up has happened lately, but was quick to act on fixing it this time. He has improved his customer support and service.

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Packaging was great, it was in a big box, to a medium box, to a small box, then wrapped up. It was kept safely

Products Ordered

My last order was of stanoplex from XT labs. His XT Labs product, when I verified it on the XT website, said it was real.
So Im confident in the XT products. I've also ordered Auctus Pharma labs from him, his prices dropped recently to be more competitive and Auctus has always been great too

Product Effects

I used the stanoplex for my cut for my competition. I was on other compounds, so I can't. say how well it worked, but it tasted like ass like my coach said it would so I know it was real, hence the product verification with XTlabs website themselves


Overall, Pomps is a good source. Sometimes he responds, other times he doesn't and will ignore a message. Was selling Anavar at an unreal price and had me skeptical, he did not respond to my question about where he sourced it from, so I never budged on buying it.

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Yes, I do!
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