We are passionate about our work and are not just trying to get your first order, but your orders and trust for life. We do this by offering unparalleled customer service, fast, secure shipping(avg 6 days) and always putting you first. We offer medicines such as

Nolvadex from $0.09

Fertomid from $0.3

Caber from $2.6

Nootropics from $0.7

E.D meds From $0.5

Etilaam From $0.6

Pain meds From $0.9

Diabetes From 0.3

Hairloss From $0.34

Acne From $0.8

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Customer Support & Ordering Process

Super quick. Paid with bitcoin, received an email straight away informing me payment is received, 12 hours later i got my tracking number. order arrived in 12 days

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

packaging was spot on, professionally packed and discreet

Products Ordered

400 x 200mg modafinil
200 x 1mg Etilaam

Product Effects

been using the products for 2 weeks and zero problems, im pretty sure they are stronger effects than the ones i have gotten elsewhere. I have been taking 100-200mg of modafinil and 1mg etilaam when needed


i couldnt praise them more, great customer service and communication which is important to me

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