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There are a handfull of legit chinese HGH sellers reviewed here and on other forums. I spent years trying to buy HGH from these sources and lost a lot of money. Not because they didn't actually send the orders, but because all packages were seized at Customs when entering my Country. On top of that, none of these sellers offer reship to Brazil. This is when I gladly found these guys at Not only did they reship my order free of charge, they were the only ones who used stealth decent enough to ensure I get what I paid for! Support via e-mail is extremely good and efficient, it's clear these guys work hard to please their customers. I started using their HGH this week so I can't review their product yet, but it seems very legit according to other Meditrope HGH users. If you want a HGH seller that garantees your delivery to whichever Country, this is your guy!
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