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Hi Elf!
I see this comment as being more than 1 year old so please reply just to confirm there was no problem and the order was delivered.
We have a EU based shipping location so delivery is 100% secure, no customs and very fast, 3-4 days.

Orders are shipped by first-class, priority airmail which is the safest and securest way for this kind of shipments.

We also provide TRACKING CODES for you to track and trace the location at any time.

Maximum discretion is used in packaging and shipping. We take great care to ensure the highest possibility of successful delivery.

We have THOUSANDS of reviews on several steroid sources blogs and forums and we NEVER had a seized package since 2011. Our shipping success rate is 100%.

However, this shipping time will depend on various factors such as postal service efficiency, customs clearance, international transit, etc., which is why we give you an approximation based on our statistics and former experience.

Usually, 90% of all our packages are delivered in less than 7 working days, while 10% will arrive in 2-3 weeks and still others will show up at around 20-25 working days. This is a reflection of inconsistencies with various postal representatives, and not services provided by us.

Unfortunately delivery time is not in our hand it is all up to the efficiency of the postal system.

I await your response.

Thank you!

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