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Domestic source for peptides. Ordered couple of times. The last order was smooth and fast. Customer service is great. Always get quick professional responses.

using ghrp6 and mod grf 100 mcg three times a day. igf 1 lr3 on days 75-100mcg pre workout. peg mgf off days 500 mcg. the first thing I noticed from this pep stack, is improved sleep. Falling into deep sleep each night and waking up fresh and active. All the pep vials mix perfectly with sterile water. Staying leaner although I’m on a bulk diet. Recovery has improved greatly. I was not able to perform at full potential after heavy sessions but now I can recover faster from heavy sessions and train harder next day. Injecting igf 1 lr3 Prior to training, gives me incredible pumps and noticed some decent size gain in small muscle groups.
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